2019 Emmen Open Company Day has Circular Economy Theme

On Saturday November 2, opening at Drentea
2019 Emmen Open Company Day has circular economy theme

Companies and organisations in the municipality of Emmen are opening their doors to visitors again on November 2 during the Open Company Day (Open Bedrijvendag or OBD). This year the 2019 Open Company Day in the municipality of Emmen is focusing on recycling and the use of renewable materials. To put this in three words: the circular economy.

Drentea was the first company in the municipality of Emmen to apply to take part in the 2019 Open Company Day. So, the official opening of the 2019 OBD, as this event is referred to, is going to be organised by this company. Drentea will also present its new look to the outside world.
The company is a frontrunner, in Emmen, as well as nationally. The company is developing the office of the future using the newest materials and aims to become completely self-sufficient and to stop producing waste. Drentea is also developing products from its own ‘greenfield’ into new and reusable natural materials for its products.

Join in
Every company can join in the 2019 Open Company Day, from every sector. That includes companies not involved in the circular economy. The main thing is to show what your company does how it does it. It is simple to apply, press the red ‘deelnemen als bedrijf’ button in the top, righthand corner. Last year around fifty companies took part in the Emmen Open Company Day.
Participating companies receive advice and support from the organisers during their preparations for this annual open day for companies and organisations.

The 2019 Emmen Open Company Day is a collaboration between the Vereniging Parkmanagement Bedrijventerreinen Emmen (Emmen Industrial Park Management Association, VPB Emmen), the municipality of Emmen and the province of Drenthe.

Would you like to know more? Then please contact Arda van Dam, from the VPB at a.vandam@vpb-emmen.nl or 0591 – 65 34 54